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World Irish Dance Assosiation (Всемирная Ассоциация Ирландского Танца)
http://www.worldirishdance.com 13.08.2007, 16:27

The World Irish Dance Association (W.I.D.A.) is a young organisation set up to promote and develop Irish Dancing for today's business arena.

Based in mainland Europe, W.I.D.A. organises workshops, competitions and examinations to aid in the promotion of an interest and the development of a standard in Irish Dancing.

A prior knowledge or experience of Irish Dance is not necessary to become a certified W.I.D.A. dance teacher or adjudicator as few people on the European mainland grew up having the opportunity to know about Irelands national dance style.

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  Всемирная Ассоциация Ирландского Танца

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