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V-Band YO’GHURT (г. Киев)
http://www.ghurtyoghurt.com 04.12.2007, 02:37
     «V-Band YO’GHURT» today is - Maria Hmelyova (flute,voice), Daniel DeNisov (V-accordeon), Cyrill Borodin (violin,bass guitar), Orest Krysa (acoustic guitar), Serhey Yakson (V-drums) and Jack Frost (electric guitar, pecussion, voice). The group of musicians has started to develop in 2000 though the present name has received only in 2001. During the years of the existence the ensemble was considerably extended, has transformed from a folk trio into large collective well-known in Ukraine, Russia, and the countries of Europe and America also. All this time group members lives in an creative, performing, and studio recording activities.

     From 2005 group exists in a new format under the name “YoGhurt Music Family” where musicians plays compositions not only from the main program, but from their "side-projects" also. As our experience shows, during group performances some of "projects" works supplementing the general program and bring it something especial and fresh.

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